Art Therapy Group for Trauma Survivors

Have you been looking for new ways to manage life after a traumatic experience? Are you a survivor of trauma and wanting to learn how to thrive in life? Karen Corry, LAPC, ATR-P, NCC will be leading a 10 week art therapy trauma group for adult survivors. This group is ideal for those who are creatively inclined and who want to push themselves therapeutically in new ways.

Group will meet on Wednesdays from 7-8:30 pm for 10 weeks starting in August 2019.

The intention of this group is to support adult survivors of trauma through engaging in creative interventions, processing with others safely, and by developing artistic coping skills to implement in daily living. Group members will be encouraged to create art about the impact trauma has had on identity, self-esteem, relationships, communication, and the ability to cope. The group’s focus will be on the process of creating art, the emotions that emerge during the journey, and the individual’s interpretation of the art. There is no artistic skill or experience required, as all interventions will be guided, and materials demonstrated.

Group members can expect to express themselves through: using collage and mixed media, altering books, visual journaling, guided imagery and painting, mindful practices, the creation of masks, and exploring the use of drawing and writing in healing.

This group is affirming of, embracing of, and a safe place for individuals of all sexual identities, gender identities, relationship structures, and lifestyles.

For more information or to schedule your assessment, email Karen Corry at or call 678-744-6750. Karen is also currently accepting new individual clients and those seeking relationship counseling.

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