Southern Fried Queer Pride Trans PWR Fest

Last week was Transgender Awareness Week. Throughout the week local and national organizations raised awareness to create opportunities for visibility, protection, dignity and rights for transgender individuals in our communities. Locally, the Modern Path team attended and had a table at Southern Fried Queer Pride's Trans PWR Fest. The weekend was AMAZING! The day started with yoga, was full of fantastic workshops, and ended with a movie and bands. We were part of the Artists' market featuring TGNC artists and local resources, which meant that we were surrounded by incredible artwork, fantastic artists, and affirming companies. At the Modern Path table, we had information about our practice, resources from the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), other mental health resources, a coloring tablecloth activity and an opportunity to win prizes.

One of the resources we had (which Andy and Karen repeatedly shared as their favorite resource on the table) were Q Cards. These handy cards are from the Q Card Project and are pocket-sized cards that are a great tool for your next medical appointment. You fill out your Q Card with your gender identity, your pronouns, your sexual identity, and any concerns you might have for your appointment. Q Cards are a great way to communicate, start the conversation about your identity, or remind your doctor about who you are. For more information:  We also shared information about our current and upcoming groups. Currently, we have the Atlanta Poly Support Group - ITP on Alternating Monday evenings. In January, we will be starting a Trauma Art Therapy group for adults on Tuesday evenings.

We will continue to honor the transgender individuals in our community today by observing Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20, 2018 and in the work we do as clinicians each day.

Kelley Bennett