Nickie Fuentes, MS LPC, LMHC, CPCS, NCC, CCMHC

Pronouns: I do not use pronouns. I am a trans-genderqueer individual who is of masculine identity and societally defined female presentation

Clinician, Educator, & Consultant

I have been working in the behavioral health community for close to 25 years with experience in both direct care and administrative over sight capacities.  I provide counseling from a solution focused orientation incorporating motivational enhancement, narrative therapy, REBT, CBT, social constructionist theories, queer theory and systemic therapies. When you come into my office I do my best to provide a warm and comfortable space where I can support you in becoming your most authentic self. I take pride in meeting folks where they are at and creating space that is both validating and challenging. In our space you can talk about exactly who you are and I will listen and affirm. My passions relate to gender, sexuality and relationship structure minorities, managing adult ADHD, mood disorders, addiction, helping people heal and grow as sexual beings, and supporting all individuals to overcome societal constructs and social messaging. 

  • Licensed Professional Counselor, GA 4808

  • Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor, GA 705

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor, FL MH 7359

  • Qualified supervisor endorsement

  • National Certified Counselor, NBCC 228288

  • Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor, NBCC 228288

I accept insurance on a limited basis. I am able to submit claims as an out of network. My fees are as follows: $150 per 60 minute session for clinical supervision, $150 per 50 minute session for individuals and $175 per 50 minute session for relationship counseling. I am happy to extend sessions with advance notice in an effort to address more complex needs with a prorated fee in 15 minute increments. I will provide necessary documentation for out of network claims submission. Please check your policy for reimbursement when working with an out of network provider.