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We all have times in our lives when we need support to help us be our best selves. Counseling can be a key factor in how we overcome barriers and gain insight to move forward and achieve our goals. This is true in many challenges, facing a great loss, a life transition, working through an event that is causing pain or looking to change course on the path of our journey.

 Distance Counseling

We all lead very busy lives and finding time for self care and healing can be a challenge. For this reason, distance counseling has become an integral tool in the counseling relationship. Distance counseling includes secure telecommunication via your electronic device. We ask that you have a private space away from life's distractions to focus on yourself with a strong internet or telephone connection. All efforts are made to ensure confidentiality and HIPAA compliance when engaging in distance counseling.  Distance counseling is available for those with whom it is clinically appropriate. Your clinician will discuss with you the risks and benefits associated with this counseling modality. Each of our clinicians have met the State of GA minimum requirements for conducting tele-mental health. Please check each clinicians profile for other states they are licesned in and their ability to offer telemental health in those states.

 Fees and Insurance

Each clinician at Modern Path sets their own fees. We accept cash and credit/debit or FSA/HSA cards with payment expected at the time of service. 

We maintain a cancellation policy of 48 business hours. If you cancel your appointment within 48 business hours you will be charged a missed session fee equal to the clinicians full out of network fee.

Annually we make decisions about how we will participate with insurance companies. Currntly only one of our clinicians is accepting insurance and we reserve the right for this to change. We make a committment to communicating changes 90 day or more in advance.

We ackknowledge that the use of insurance can make counseling more accessible for many individuals but it often creates more barriers than access. Here are some reasons why we limit our interactions with insurance companies:

  • Insurance companies require a diagnosis and medical necessity, meaning that in their eyes their must be something wrong with you that needs to be fixed. We do not view you in this way. You are a person with varied life experiences who is asking for support.

  • Insurance companies dictate how we can engage in the counseling process. There is no allowance for relationship counseling, sex therapy, art therapy, play therapy, hypnosis and other specialty areas of counseling that we believe are necessary tools in our toolbox. We can’t be the best clinicians we can be if we are being told by someone else how to do our job.

  • Reimbursement rates from insurance companies are less than 60% of out out of pocket fees. By accepting this rate for all clients we would have to see double the number of clients per week and risk our own mental health and wellbeing, leaving us unable to provide quality services to our clients

  • Reconciling insurance claims and payments is a part to full time job. We would have to hire additional adminstrative staff with no additional funding from the insurance company to support this position.

  • Insurance companies can retroactively deny a claim and take money back that they have already paid. This decision rarely has to do with the quality of care provided. More often it has to do with whether a note was written on time, signed correctly or other items that are adminstrative in nature. This a) distracts from our job of being a cilnician and b) places us at financial risk.

If you have any questions about our choices in this area please contact us using the form below and we will be happy to discuss and help you find a clinician that takes your insuance if that is your only option.